2016 IoT Application Enablement Platform ScoreCard

June 29, 2017

Today, MachNation published its 2016 IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) ScoreCard – a rating of 35 Internet of Things (IoT) platform companies. The ScoreCard rates the following vendors (listed alphabetically): Aeris, Afero, Altizon, Amazon, Amplia, AT&T, Ayla Networks, Bosch, C3 IoT, Carriots, ClearBlade, Connio, Cumulocity, Davra Networks, DevicePilot, Electric Imp, Ericsson, Exosite, Gemalto, HPE, IBM, Kaa, MachineShop, Microsoft, MODE, PTC, Relayr, SAP, Scriptr.io, SiteWhere, Software AG, Telit, TheThings.iO, Waylay and Yaler. This is MachNation’s third year of providing to its partners this extremely in-depth report about IoT AEPs that provide open-source, proprietary, cloud, edge or on-premises IoT middleware. MachNation’s IoT AEP ScoreCard helps public and private sector organizations understand the muddy, yet booming platform ecosystem. The IoT platform space has become the fastest growing IoT technology sector. According to actual survey data collected from the 35 participating vendors in the ScoreCard, IoT platform revenue will grow at a blistering 116% in 2017. MachNation forecasts that 2017 IoT platform revenue will reach USD2.0 billion with 70% of that revenue coming from the North American and Western European regions. MachNation's ScoreCard presents ratings for the vendors across a set of 4 rating category requirements. The 4 requirements are comprised of 14 sub-requirements which are the underlying bases of MachNation’s rating. The 4 rating requirements are:
  • Flexible and scalable deployment
  • Focus on developer persona
  • Operational sophistication
  • Well-executed partner strategy