2017 IoT Device Management ScoreCard

June 7, 2017

The ScoreCard rates the following vendors (listed alphabetically): ARM, Amazon, Axonize, Bosch, Cloud of Things, Cumulocity / Software AG, DevicePilot, Friendly Technologies, Huawei, Microsoft, Particle, PTC, Relayr / Proximetry, Sierra Wireless, SiteWhere, Telit, Thingsboard and Wind River. MachNation's IoT Device Management ScoreCard is the industry's most comprehensive technical review of relevant vendors. The research provides a detailed review of product capabilities, SDKs, APIs and documentation to help enterprises manage IoT sensors, devices and gateways at scale. According to survey data collected from participating vendors in the scorecard, IoT device management revenue will grow at a blazing 107% in 2017 with only 33% of the revenue coming from North America. MachNation forecasts that 2017 worldwide IoT platform revenue will reach USD2.0 billion as enterprise buyers invest in the underlying technology to power their IoT solutions. MachNation survey data show that sectors including energy/utilities, transportation, industrial, manufacturing and smart cities generate the most revenue for device management vendors. MachNation rated the IoT device management vendors across a set of requirements spanning 4 distinct categories. The four categories of requirements consist of a total of 18 sub-requirements which are the underlying basis of MachNation’s evaluation. The four categories were:
  • Integration
  • Lifecycle management
  • Architecture and security
  • Business and strategy