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Key Criteria for MEAP Adoption: Flexibility and Extensibility

Over the last several years, MachNation has observed a rapidly shifting landscape in the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform / Mobile Application Development Platform space. We expect the evolution of platforms and applications in the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything ecosystem to follow a similar evolution to that followed in the application server space and the MEAP/MADP space. This blog and two that follow will address some of the changes in the MEAP/MADP space […]

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AT&T M2X 4 IoT

AT&T, one of my North American favorites for providing top-notch IoT solutions, has launched a set of tools to help developers and businesses more quickly and easily launch IoT and M2M solutions. Dubbed M2X, the program takes away the pain away from one of the top IoT headaches – the difficulty of connecting various pieces of an IoT solution. M2X is a cool idea. What does M2X do? Let’s go back to our IoT value […]

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