Testing and Benchmarking Products and Services.

We chose MachNation Tempest because of their excellent market knowledge and the introduction of an innovative testing product in the IoT space. We successfully connected 1.5 million devices simultaneously and performed up to 10,000 digital twin updates per second.

Stefan Ferber

Co-CEO and CTO, Bosch.IO

As the size of our IoT deployments grows, it is important that we have independent proof for our partners that our products can grow with them. So we chose MachNation’s Tempest because of its innovative technology and ability to do high-scale testing.

Peter Leemans

CTO, Strategy, ALSO Holdings AG

We chose MachNation Tempest because of its innovative technology and ability to do high-scale testing along with the deep IoT knowledge of MachNation's testing team.

Juergen Kraemer

General Manager IoT & Analytics, Software AG

Telenor Connexion works with partners that have deep technical proficiencies and hands-on knowledge of IoT products. MachNation's independent IoT platform test lab brought those skills to the table for us.

Ola Arnrup

Product Manager IoT, Telenor Connexion

We were extremely impressed with the technical capabilities of MachNation's IoT platform test lab to support a recent acquisition. We'd certainly work with MachNation again.

Lou Lutostanski

Vice President IoT, Avnet

Over the years, we have found MachNation to be a fair and knowledgeable authority of IoT platforms. So when we thought about a partner for this project, we knew we could trust MachNation to provide an independent evaluation.

Brandon Cannaday

Cofounder and CPO, Losant

The MIT-E delivers exactly what MachNation claims: a detailed analysis of the leading IoT platforms.  The summaries of capabilities for  each platform really helped enrich the quantitative analysis.

Jason Kreiner

Platform Manager, Internet of Things, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Thanks for the great MIT-E report. It was a very interesting read, especially since it clears the fog made by all the IoT platform marketing.

Oliver Stollmann

CEO, Actyx AG

As we start the product development process, it is important to make the best IoT platform choice possible as this decision could be with us for a long time.

Mike Hall

President, Checkfluid

The IoT platform you select can dictate many other decisions, you can never start too early in evaluating options to find the right fit for your product or business. Keeping on top of IoT technology changes and innovations is critical for any business in this evolving space.

Christopher Calisi

CEO, Cambridge Sound Management

IoT Performance Testing Software - Introducing Tempest

Prove to your customers that your IoT platform can perform. Tempest  is cloud-native software that tests the performance and scalability of IoT platforms and solutions with 20 unique tests and up to 67 metrics per work load.

IoT Platform UX Testing

With MIT-E UX, our IoT platform UX benchmarking service, you'll have fact-based, lead-generation materials that compare a PoC built in your IoT platform to the same PoC built in a competing IoT platform.

Platform Benchmarking

MachNation tests in-house and publicly available platforms to support M&A activity, competitive intelligence, and product roadmap development. Using existing or custom tests, MachNation’s IoT platform testers complete thorough, hands-on capability and usability benchmarking of any IoT platform either under NDA or with results shared publicly on MachNation’s website – you choose.

IoT Architecture Design

MachNation works together with an enterprise’s engineering, product, and architecture teams to design use-case specific IoT solution architectures based on MachNation’s IoT platform functional architecture. MachNation architects identify and aggregate key requirements spanning IoT platform microservices including access control, analytics, data management, device management, edge, event processing, external integration, and monitoring.

RFP/RFx Support Services

MachNation take an active role on a client’s RFP/RFx team, offering platform testing services, detailed microservices comparisons, and overall vendor evaluation support. MachNation clients rely on MachNation IoT platform testers to provide independent, detailed insights into the technical capabilities of IoT platforms and RFP/RFx criteria.

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